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Guild Rules & Code of Conduct
  • Ashes of Anduril is a guild built around friendship and mutual respect. If you have a disagreement with a member, talk about it in a calm and civil manner, preferably through whispers. Do not ignore fellow members and do not disrespect each other or resort to name calling. Remember, we are a family.
  • If you need something, ask politely. Guildies are here to help, but please do not beg. Do not spam the guild chat if you need people for a raid or party, it is not a public "looking-for-group" channel.
  • Do not curse, use vulgar/offensive language or make racist/sexist remarks in any public chat (including server-wide channels, say, etc). In general, try to be mindful at all times.
  • Act civil in-game. Do not camp low-level characters. Do not cheat or break server rules. Do not ninja-loot in raids and do not attempt to scam players in any way.
  • Always remember that as a member of our guild you represent <Ashes of Anduril> as a whole. Your actions reflect on the entire guild. If your behavior, either private or public, is not in-line with the guild's philosophy, be prepared for a warning, or even a swift removal.
Raiding and rolling
  • If you sign up for a raid in advance, you are expected to show up. If you cannot for some reason, inform the raid leader at least 24 hours before the raid starts.
  • Read up on appropriate tactics prior to the raid if necessary. Be sure to have fully repaired armor and bring plenty of any reagents you might need.
  • Always follow the raid leader's instructions. Don't start duels or do anything else which might slow down the raid.
  • Do not go "away-from-keyboard" without notice and certainly do not suddenly log off during a raid. If you absolutely must leave early, let the raid leader know before the raid starts. If the server disconnects you are expected to come back online as soon as possible.
  • Usually bosses will be master looted. The raid leader announces the items to be rolled on one at a time. Only roll on items for ONE SPEC at a time during each raid. If an item is not needed by anyone, then rolls can be made for secondary specs.

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