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Ashes of Anduril - Ranks
These are the ranks we use in Ashes of Anduril, and their description.
  1. Guild Council & Flame Guardian
    The Guild Council primarily makes only major decisions which affect the whole guild. They are basically an executive committee of the officers. Council members are selected by the Council, from the Phoenix Guard. Each Council member is to be considered as "the guild leader".
    The Flame Guardian is a shared account from all Council members. It is used only for ceremonies and to access the guild controls.
  2. Phoenix Guard
    The Phoenix Guard are full fledged officers of the guild. They organize raids, promote, demote, handle disputes and generally keep the guild running smoothly. Most guild decisions are made by the Phoenix Guard and Guild Council together, with equal weight per person.
  3. Guild Elder
    The Guild Elder rank is an honorary rank for Council and Phoenix Guard members who have retired from WoW. They have a permanent place in the community of Ashes of Anduril, but have no direct decision-making power. They may serve as advisors in some cases, and may occasionally participate in guild activities and forum discussions.
  4. Centurion
    Centurions are the officers in training. They are tested for leadership abilities before being allowed the full fledged responsibilities of a Phoenix Guard. To be considered for Centurion, you must fulfill a number of requirements, and post an officer application on the forums. After an application has been posted, the officers will discuss it and take a decision. More information about the centurion rank and the application process can be found in the "Officer Applications" section of the forum.
  5. Full Member
    Full members are active, loyal and helpful members. They have more guild bank permissions than neophytes, and can withdraw limited amounts of gold as well.
    Promotions from Neophyte to Full Member are decided about individually, there are no set requirements. Usually, the following are taken into account:
    • Tenure: how long you have been in the guild.
    • Activity: how active you are in-game, on the forums and on mumble?
    • Guild spirit: do you have the spirit we'd like to see from our members? This includes a lot of things, ranging from how helpful you are, to how you act in raids and how you use the guild channel, mumble and forums.
    • Leadership: have you lead any raids or events?
    • Loyalty: are you dedicated to Ashes of Anduril? or are you just in it for yourself?
  6. Neophyte
    Neophytes are members with first access to the guild bank. Recruits are promoted to neophyte when the following requirements are met:
    • They have been in the guild for one week, and have received no strikes during their first week.
    • They are registered on the forums and on mumble.
  7. Recruit
    The recruit rank is for members new to the guild. Usually they are promoted to neophyte after one week.
Class Leader (Only 1 Per Class)
Class Leaders are knowledgeable players hand picked by the officers from anyone who is at least a full member, to assist guild members become more efficient or skilled at their chosen class. There is only one Class Leader per class, and the position covers both PvE and PvP. This is not a rank, only a status.

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