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General Information

About <Ashes of Anduril>

We (as a guild and family) value friendship, respect and a positive attitude above all. Those with a "PuG" attitude will not be allowed to stay in the Guild for long. AoA leadership (and our members) strive at all times to keep our guild a fun and welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy playing the game! Our guild has a low tolerance for name-calling, ninjaing, flagrant cursing, spamming, etc. We praise and reward those who contribute to this community in a positive way. By joining us, you can expect to be a part of a close group of friends/family working together under one name: Ashes of Anduril.

At our peak, we've had over 500 active characters (roughly 250 members) in the guild, and have hosted numerous professional guild raids. In addition, we offer a professional, clean, and useful website and forum section to facilitate our members. Be sure to check our raid sign-up system--allowing members to easily schedule and sign-up for raids. We have hosted a lot of creative and exciting guild events, ranging from a simple Hide & Seek in Stormwind, a last man standing in Nagrand, to assassination events and large PvP tourneys. Whether you prefer PvP, PvE or role playing, there will certainly be something you like here at AoA!

Your time as a family-member of Ashes of Anduril will be well spent. If you'd like to join <Ashes of Anduril>, simply whisper a member of the guild in-game or join the Anduril channel (/join Anduril). Anyone who has been in the guild longer than a week may earn the privilege of inviting fellow friends.

Contacting <Ashes of Anduril>

There are several methods that you may use to contact us:

  • Join the Anduril channel in-game (/join Anduril) and ask if an Officer is online.
  • Add one or more of our Officers (they can be found on the guild roster) to your friends list in-game, and whisper them when they come online.
  • You can join our mumble server and ask if anyone is online who can assist you.

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