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Ashes of Anduril - New Member Application
1. Please give us some information about your characters.
  Main character: Alt 1: Alt 2:
Specialization (Healer, RDPS, MDPS or Tank):
Click here if you have more characters you'd like to add to your application.
2. What's your age?
3. Where are you from?
4. What is the main language that you speak? (and list any other languages you speak)
5. Briefly elaborate on your raiding/instance experience:
6. How long have you played WoW? And on your current server(s)?
7. Do you have Mumble (a voice chat client)? If not, are you able to download it, and at least hear others when raiding?
8. List the previous guilds you have been in and the reasons you left each of them:
9. Do you have any friends here in AoA? If so, please tell us their names:
10. Has anyone in guild referred you to this form application? If so, who?
11. What times are you most frequently online (server time)?
12. In a few paragraphs, please describe to us why you feel you belong in Ashes of Anduril and what kind of person you are inside as well as outside the World of Warcraft.
13. Have you read, understood and agreed with our guild rules? (they can be found here)

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